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Study of Contradictions and Misconceptions Research Lab

The Study of Contradictions and Misconceptions (SCAM) Lab is a (cognitively focused) psychology lab affiliated with the Department of Psychological Science at the University of Indianapolis. The faculty advisor is Dr. Candice Burkett, an assistant professor in the department. Broadly speaking, we are interested in higher order cognitive processes that occur while engaging with textual and multi-media materials. Most of our projects involve the study of contradictory material and misconceptions in different topic areas. Specifically, we study under what conditions people attend to contradictory material between multiple sources and what cognitive processes are involved in both detecting and “resolving” contradictory material. In addition, we study the presence of, and processes involved in overcoming misconceptions about psychological phenomena.


Meet The Current Lab Members

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Jezalyn Hyzer

Research Interests:

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Paisley McFarland

Research Interests:


Abigail Slaughter

Research Interests: I am interested in studying paradigms and cognitive dissonance and how they relate to the business world, such as marketing and advertising tactics.

Multi-Colored Cat

Melia Trimmer

Research Interests:


Nicholas Wood

Research Interests: Consciousness, Dreams, Psychedelic Therapies. Neurodegenerative Diseases, Substance Abuse


Thomas Largent

Research Interests:  I am currently interested in how stigma can affect perceptions of mental health disorders, specifically desired social distance and perceived chronicity. My past research experience includes a program evaluation in which we used CQR-C. Current research initiatives are looking into stigma (desired social distance and perceived chronicity) in schizophrenia and depression, as well as my work with the SCAM lab.

Cat Resting

Mya Price

Research Interests:


Amaya Stowers

Research Interests: I am most interested in learning more about how we can make higher education a better community for learning, engagement, and connection. Current projects include investigating faulty perceptions of students with mental health concerns and undergraduate perceptions of text/graph contradictions.

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Sydnee Widmann

Research Interests:

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Tara Wrobel

Research Interests: 

Behavioral Issues & Behavior Management, Mental Health & Influential Factors, Psychological Misconceptions & Stigma, Ethical Practices in Research & Treatment, Benefits & Risks of Psychological Treatments, Virtual Evaluation & Treatment, Barriers to Treatment, Relationships of Common Comorbidities in Psychological Diagnoses

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